Baby Log

Baby Log is a simple mobile app to help you keeping track of your baby's daily routine. Helping you learn about your baby, and provide you quick access to information when needed.

Quick Start - Bottle Feeding

Open Bottle Feeding Activity

Press Application Menu icon to open the slide out menu. Select Bottle Feeding menu to open Bottle Feeding Activity

Add Bottle Feeding Information

Open Add Baby Info
Press the plus sign on the Actionbar to open Add Bottle Feeding screen.
Add Feeding Info
Set time, date and bottle feeding volume. Press Add to save the information. The newly added information will be displayed in Bottle Feeding list view.
Daily Activities
The newly added Bottle Feeding entry will also show up in the Daily Activities screen.

Edit Bottle Feeding Information

Select a Bottle Feeding Entry
Press and hold on a Bottle Feeding entry until context menu shows up
Select Edit
In the context menu, select the option Edit to open Bottle Feeding Detail Activity
Edit the desired fields, then press Update to save the changes

Releated Screenshots

Bottle Feeding Activity

Add Feeding Info Screen

Daily Activities

Daily Activities