Baby Log

Baby Log is a simple mobile app to help you keeping track of your baby's daily routine. Helping you learn about your baby, and provide you quick access to information when needed.


Track your baby's nursing time. You will always know exactly when was the last time your baby nursed. Track the time your baby spend on each side during nursing, allow you to balance the time for next feeding.
Want to know how often your baby poo and pee? In diaper activity, Baby Log helps you track your baby's diaper change frequency. Check the log for any irregularity, and follow up with a doctor when needed.
Prepare a temperature log when your baby has a fever. Temperature log can help you and your doctor to determine if your baby's condition has improved.
Growth Log
Tracking your baby's weight & height and compared to World Health Organization weight & height percentile.
Email Report
Generate printer friendly e-mail report for Nursing, Bottle Feeding and Diaper activities with daily average and total summary.
Baby log helps you to record the feeding time and the amount(volume) of breast milk/formula consumed. As the feeding log entries build up, you can properly estimate how much breast milk/formula to prepare. Same as the Nursing activity, you will always know when was the last time your baby was fed.
Record your baby's sleep activity. Your baby's sleep pattern can help you to adjust your baby's sleep habit.
When your baby is sick, tracking proper amount of medication taken by your baby is very important. Baby Log helps you track the time and the amount taken for the specific medicine.
WHO Chart
WHO Weight & Height Chart from birth to 24 month.

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