My Salon Assistant

My Salon Assistant is a simple mobile app to help you keeping track of your client's appointments and past visit history, provides you information on what service and product was performed during the last visit. The app also allow you to manage the products and services you provide in your salon.

Add Appointment

Appointments Activity displays the appointments for the selected date. You can add new appointment, view an appointment or delete appointment. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to add an appointment for a customer. 

Press the plus button on the actionbar to add a new appointment.

Select the customer by press the search button; this will bring up the customers activity. To select a customer, simply scroll through the name list, the press the customer name. After you've selected a customer, the screen will switch back to the "Add New Appointment" screen with the customer populated. If this is a new customer, press the Plus button to add customer information. Then select the newly added customer entry.

Press the button to change date. Select the time slot for From and To. Add any notes in the description field if required.

Press Add button to complete the appointment creation. (If you have Google account setup in Settings. An entry will be added to your Google Calendar with reminder for the given appointment.)