My Salon Assistant

My Salon Assistant is a simple mobile app to help you keeping track of your client's appointments and past visit history, provides you information on what service and product was performed during the last visit. The app also allow you to manage the products and services you provide in your salon.

Add Visit Information

Add Services & Products to Visit

In Appointments Activity, navigate to the appointment you wish to add visit information for the customer. Press the appointment to bring up Appointment Detail (Figure 1).

Press Add Visit Information at the bottom of the screen to open Visit Detail (Figure 2).

Appointment Detail
New Visit Details
Figure 1 Figure 2

Press the Plus button (brings up Add Detail screen) to add product or service for the selected visit. In Add Detail screen (Figure 3), select Category to change product/service category. Press the product drop down list to select the desired product or service. Adjust the quantity, then press Add

This will take us back to Visit Detail with the newly added product/service together with quantity. Repeat until all information are added.

Daily Activities
Figure 3Figure 4

Note: Total price, Tax, and Total price with Tax calculation can be enabled in Settings. A Tax rate must be entered in order for Tax to be calculated.

Add Note to Visit Detail

To add notes to the given visit; press the Options menu then Edit Visit Info menu to add notes.