My Salon Assistant

My Salon Assistant is a simple mobile app to help you keeping track of your client's appointments and past visit history, provides you information on what service and product was performed during the last visit. The app also allow you to manage the products and services you provide in your salon.

Quick Start - Navigation

appointment screen
Appointments View
Activity with Application Menu Open
Activity with Application Menu Open

Components of Salon Assistant activity screen and their functionality



Actionbar locates at the top of the Activity Screen; consists of Application Menu on the left and Options Menu on the right.

Application Menu
Application Menu opens the Application Menu, allows you to select different activities available in the Baby Log.
Options Menu
Options Menu provides actions specific to the current activity; in Appointments View, when option menu is tapped; appointment filter options will be displayed.

Date Filter Navigation Bar

Date Navigation Bar

Date Filter Navigation bar is located at the bottom of the List Activity. By default, any list type activity will have Date Filter set to current date. To move to different date, tap on one of the arrow button to move to previous or next date