My Salon Assistant

My Salon Assistant is a simple mobile app to help you keeping track of your client's appointments and past visit history, provides you information on what service and product was performed during the last visit. The app also allow you to manage the products and services you provide in your salon.

Customer Visit Information

In Salon Assistant, you can access customer's past visit information through Visits Activities (Visit By Date and Visit by Customer.) Information such as client's last visit date, service provided and any additional notes recorded. In visit by customer view, select a customer will display all the past visits. You can drill down to visit detail by select a date, which in turn displays the service provided and any product purchased.

Daily Activities

Open Visits by Date or Visits by Customer

Press Application Menu icon to open the slide out menu. Select Visits by Date or Visit by Customer menu to open Products & Services Activity

Visit Details

In Visit by Customer
Select a customer to display all the past visits. Select any past visit to display visit details.
In Visit by Date
Select a customer in a given visit date will take you to the visit details for the customer.